Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will this book cover all of the essentials c# questions that would be asked in a normal interview?

    Yes of course. This book has hundreds of fundamental c# questions and answers to give you the biggest advantage in any c# related employment opportunity out there.

  2. Does the book cover how to interview?

    Yes! The entire first chapter is dedicated to helping you interview at your very best!

  3. Does this reference cover the latest version of c#?

    Yes. It is always being updated and is kept up to date.

  4. Does the book cover MVC questions?

    Yes. There is an entire section on MVC fundamentals, questions and answers.

  5. Does the book cover advanced c# topics?

    Yes. The questions are of escalating difficulty and cover all advanced topics of c#.

  6. Does the book cover Object Oriented Programming topics?

    Yes. There are plenty of OOP questions and answers in the book that would cover anything an interviewer would ask.

  7. Why should I buy the book?

    Because spending a few dollars now will save you the pain, embarrassment and anguish of not knowing a technical answer you should know because you were unprepared. No one likes to lose and the feeling of losing a job is always way worse than the excitement of getting one. Missing out on an opportunity because you were unprepared can hurt your self-confidence, your self-esteem and create more anxiety each and every time you interview or test. Why would you do that to yourself? The answers in this book were developed to be quick and easy and give you not only the right answer but an easy to remember and recall answer you can use during your interview.

  8. Will this book teach me how to program?

    Absolutely not! If you need to learn C# than you need a different book altogether. This book was designed to be a refresher or what you know and provide answers for the things you forgot or maybe missed altogether. You need this book to make sure you are prepared. Sharpen the ax before you go out to the forest to cut down the trees!