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5 Stars Easy to remember, October 26, 2020
By Caroline Williams (REAL NAME)
This review is from: Rockin the C# Interview (E-Book)
Your book really helped me out. I was literally asked the exact same questions that were in this book. It was always like the person who interviewed me used the book. Anyway, I obviously knew the answer and I got the job. Thanks for putting this together!
5 Stars A huge help, October 26, 2020
By Thomas
This review is from: Rockin the C# Interview (E-Book)
Great reference. It really helped alot to have the book to take with me and read in the car before the interview. The websites with info seem to always have the wrong answers too.
5 Stars Fantastic Reference, October 25, 2020
By Rick F. Spelling (Tiburon, California) - (REAL NAME)
This review is from: Rockin the C# Interview (E-Book)
Two thumbs up! Unger has an incredibly entertaining writing style that makes the book really hard to put down. Filled with inspirational anecdotes AND, more importantly, clever tips and concrete steps one can take to improve the quality of any interview. Unger has put together a great reference of every single questiona and asnwer imaginable to get you ready for an interview. A must read for anyone who hates wasting thier time by not getting the job. Enjoy!
5 Stars Great reference!, October 24, 2020
By Raneh (JK, MS)
This review is from: Rockin the C# Interview (E-Book)
I got an early copy of this book by being at the right place at the right time and casually started reading it the next day (it was a rainy Saturday)....I found myself not being able to put it down.... I enjoyed the anecdotes and style of Greg's writing as well as some of his easy-to-digest lessons and principles by which to interview. This book is totally worth the investment.
5 Stars A Must Read!, October 23, 2020
By Brian Page (Providence, RI) - (REAL NAME)
This review is from: Rockin the C# Interview (E-Book)
I'm not a reviewer of books. In fact, this is the only one I've ever commented on. So as an early reader to review Rockin the c# interview, I'm going to make a prediction. This will help tons of people. I read a lot of reference materials. I'm always searching for fresh ideas to make interviewing easier and a more comfortable process for me. A lot of books out there are great reads. But it's rare that I actually come across something original and put together well. The Rockin the c# interview is that and more. It is a great reference, accurate and up to date.

Skip the idea of looking stuff up online. Most of the answers are wrong anyway!

5 Stars Stop wasting your time and get this book today!, October 11, 2020
By roadWarrior122 (Phoniex AZ)
This review is from: Rockin the C# Interview (E-Book)
"Rockin the c# interview" is all about mastering a technical interview. In this awesome book, Unger outlines the choices you need to make when interviewing and lays out a plan for getting the job, making the best impression possible and making the most money you can. You need this book!
5 Stars The "Must-Read" Book for c# programmers of 2014, October 10, 2020
By R. Bartow (New York, NY) - (REAL NAME)
This review is from: Rockin the C# Interview (E-Book)
Wow! This book is awesome. It covered everything I was asked! I don't give away compliments easily but I guarantee that this book will change the odds in your favor. Don't wait.